Notes from Montreal, QB

One of my favorite things to do is traveling. I keep long lists of the many places I want to visit. 
Now my love for traveling many times doesn’t translate in actual travel time. As mother of 2 girls, a full time job, a business and then some, time, finances and oh overall fear of planes sometimes can make readily exploratory travel a challenge. However, this does not frustrate me. I know things happen when they should, I know at this moment in my life I’m reshaping things so I will be able to travel as much as I desire to in the future. I’d love travel as family, and I am becoming better and better at incorporating my husband and girls into long journey travels.
The delightful thing about living in Vermont (besides the actual great things about living here) is its proximity to Montreal, Canada. A swift 1.45 min drive takes you to this beautiful, French inspired city where good cuisine, stunning architecture and a lively city take over any traveler’s heart. I gladly come to this beautiful city any chance I can, and I was lucky to go back last week for a +Selena Gomez concert. Can’t get better than this, right? 
Au revoir Montreal, see you in a hot minute.

Summer Hair is Here

It is the official start of summer. I decided to kick start summer with some balyage honey/blonde tones to lighten up my face and in general get me ready for summer?
Why do I love balyage? It is a “sun streak”, more natural way to color your hair. It does not leave the harsher tones other coloring techniques leave and to the naked eye could very well be your natural hair color.
Is it worth the investment? I struggled with this question but I absolutely think it was worth it. I’ve gotten an array of compliments but in general it shook up my look quite a bit which I always say shakes up your personality and emotions quite a bit. 
I’m ready for summer! 

Wedding Dress by Mori Lee

Snapshot back to the summer when I got to wear this stunning gown by +Mori Lee for my wedding. 
I never felt so beautiful, I often “joke” that if I could wear a wedding dress everyday but there’s very little of that statement that’s an actual joke. Wedding dresses are so beautiful, regal, the fabrics are soft, etheral.. I often wonder why we save this type of dressing up for only one day in our lives.
Anyway, I wonder what the odds are that I can become a wedding dress model someday? Goals?

The Curious Case of the Inexpensive Outfit

When I think of fashion, I see it as my blank canvas. Some people are great painters, other are great writers, while others excel in dancing. I am not bad in those fields but I’ve never excel at them. Fashion comes natural to me, I love putting together styles, colors, textures. Unfortunately, the reality is I haven’t always had the means to purchase the pieces of clothing I’ve had my eyes on. I’ve becoming very, very savvy at looking as if I’ve spend several hundreds of dollars on an outfit when in reality I’ve spend probably $15. I learned to seek out pieces in thrift shops, and stores such as +H&M , +Old Navy and +Target. For minimal dollars, I can pull together wonderful, one of a kind outfits. That said, for as much of a saver as I am, I too have my “snob” perceptions. I will not lie, I am not a fan of +Walmart. I never hear positive stories about this store and when I have visited my perception is not positive. When I found myself selling doughnuts for a fundraiser there last week, I was forced to be there, to really BE there for 4+ hours. On a break, I decided to explore and do what most fashion lovers would find repulsive. Tempted by the prices, and pleasantly surprised at some of the selection, I went for it. I bought a simple outfit, a skirt and a tank top. 
What is the lesson here? A treasure can be found anywhere.