Shoulder Bow Dress

If you ask me what my favorite item to wear is I will answer with dresses, in particular a beautifully cut A-line dress.
I usually get jokes about how many dresses and skirts I wear. That honestly comes from being a mother. They are quick to put on, move on with your day and look fashionable!

I found this number by Oh My Love and had to try it! It fit so nicely and hugged around my waist just perfectly. I’m a big fan of dresses that fit well and provide that flawless look. To add more effect, the shoulders have adorable bow like finishes to sweeten up the look.

I paired it with my favorite nude color heels and minimal jewelry. I felt the dress was so pretty, it didn’t need much decor. That is a rare move for me as I typically love to dress up outfits.

You can’t see the bag very well but it is a very fun finished sequin clutch!
I love to dress up, in fact, I’ll take any excuse to dress up. It can be done in a budget friendly manner while still looking great!

I don’t owe many designer pieces at all, maybe a few, but I am okay with that. It is actually exciting and my hope that over time I will start building a beautiful collection of designer items.

I included the outfit palette below for inspiration:

An Ode to Tulle

It may seem extreme to label my love and admiration of tulle as a “love affair” but I will label it as such. Seeing and touching tulle has as much an effect on me as sunshine does. It inspires, it makes me want to design, try on new clothes, plan more weddings.

It is a soft fabric that goes well enough with just about everything. From skirts,tutus (remember the infamous Sex and the City intro?), to weddings and events. I use it to drape the scenery anywhere from arbors, door entrances and chairs.

I even pick out my daughter’s (well youngest only at this point) dresses to include tulle!

The term “tulle” comes from the Souther region of France it is named after and made famous by the historical French ballet.

When it came time for my wedding, I passed the now very trendy and beautiful beaded dresses in turn for a Mori Lee tulle dress. The entire dress was made from tulle, I couldn’t have asked for a dreamier dress. To top it off, I also wore tulle tutu (haha yes evidence below) to my first bridal shower that took place in a nearby garden venue.

It is my favorite fabric to wear and work with. Do you have a tulle piece you just love?

Outfit Palette

Easter Cheers

When I was younger I can’t say I was much into holidays. I sorta was as a child then in my teens and early 20’s I became somewhat anti-holidays. I didn’t like the expectations behind them and the idea of sending or receiving a generic family perfect card seemed daunting.

As I grew, I’ve learned to love the individualism that can be added to the holidays- any holiday- and welcome these dates as an opportunity to harvest tradition for my daughters, create memories and demonstrate my event planning skills.

This year I was so busy that I only had time for a quick, very impromptu, “let’s see what I can pull together in an hour” get together. Nonetheless we had a blast, we enjoyed many Easter egg hunts, set one up in our backyard, welcome old friends and new friends and got to spend time together as a family.

My oldest daughter Zoe baked some of the most scrumptious desserts you can imagine including carrot cupcakes (all homemade from scratch).

As far as outfits, I donned what I could find which was this 2 year Charlotte Russe find. In summer 2015 as I was about to get married and provided my last payment for a vendor (aka had $5 in the bank account), I realized I had neglected to purchase a dress for my second bridal shower in New Jersey.

I ran to Charlotte Russe and quite truly found the “dream” dress. There it was tugged in the $10 dress sale rack between colorful oranges and blues. It was so perfect, white and floral, it was only $10 and I’ve received so, so, so many compliments on it. I will disclose the dress was not this short during my shower and I purely blame my awful dryer for suddenly become a baby doll dress. Nonetheless, it still is one of my favorite dresses!

Make sure to check out the color palette for the outfit below!

I hope everyone had a delightful Easter!!


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An Afternoon Affair

I wore this beautiful London Times dress to an afternoon soiree and it was just so perfect. It was very fit and yqet it felt so comfortable, it didn’t feel like I was wearing a well fitted dress which made it that much better!

I paired it with some neutral tone heels, a necklace and my favorite bracelets from Alex & Ani.

Simple, elegant and a fun color to kick off Spring. The dress is also currently on sale at Nordstrom’s Rack!

Below you can see this outfit’s color palette for fun inspiration if you have an elegant event to attend!

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