Black and Grey Tones

While we are in the midst of Spring the cloudy skies and rainy days appear to contradict the season. While I usually think of Spring as a time for growth, wholesome colors and energy, this Spring I have been embracing darker tones such as the classics: black and grey. I’m not sure if it is the weather or just what I have on my closet but for better or for worse that has been my look!

Not only darker tones but also simple patterns, long lines, no fuzz attire. In the first couple of photos I don on my favorite capri pants from TJ Maxx with a Free People loose tank top and an always classy boho hat ( I don’t even know where I got this, oops!).

In the second photo, I am wearing a cute black dress I bought at Wet Seal last year, a leather jacket I got a vintage shop in NY years and years ago and another NY classic: a “Burberry” scarf replica from Chinatown. On a visit there last year, amongst finishing up a delicious lunch and drinking up an amazing Little Italy coffee I suddenly had the urge to own this scarf, no shame, just really like it and it was all of $7. I mean..eventually I will make it up to myself and buy the real deal.

Hope this is some fun inspiration and HOPEFULLY my posts moving forward include just a tad more colors!


Outfit Palette Inspiration