A Post-Thanksgiving Bridal Show

This past week I had the pleasure of participating in a bridal event at a nearby bridal shop named Fiori Bridal. It was very fun and I had the pleasure of meeting many brides to be and live with them the experience of trying on the potential “dress”.  It’s interesting to me the energy that goes behind picking the dress. I remember when I first became engaged I couldn’t wait to go to wedding dress shopping! It was the singular most important experience in the wedding planning process.
I realize why the experience is so important. In a world where ordinary becomes the normal, the idea of wearing a wedding gown is for many the one occasion to act out every fantasy of being as glamorous and sophisticated as one can be. It’s the one opportunity to seize the moment and have “all eyes on you” and of course the whole having your spouse see you in the dress moment..
But let’s rewind for a moment. While the wedding dress should indeed have this effect on future brides, why don’t more of us take an effort to have more of those moments each and every day?
That is why I started my fashion blog. To remind myself that glamour and “wow” moments are not only for special events. It should be for every day.
And here is a snapshot of my Business Lady post- Thanksgiving day! Trying to seize the day.
Outfit Details:

Sweater: Macy’s
Jeans: AE  (Which by the way are ON SALE for $26.97) I’m absolutely buying more today!
One of my favorite stores for jeans, they just always fit me so well!

     My set up at the bridal shop. I’m in love with shimmer.

  Opening up my Kate Spade bride and groom toast glasses that we forgot to use on my wedding night (oops!). I figured post- bridal shop champagne is just as good, right?

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