Weddings, Style & Fashion

How did I become a wedding planner? I love weddings, it’s plain and simple. I love beauty, I love color palettes, there’s many things that I am not talented at but I know for a fact I am a talented stylist.
Both in fashion and event planning, colors and themes speak to me. That is how I express myself, that is how I “speak”. When I got married, it sparked my interest and motivation to formally pursue this venture.
When I was younger I used to dream of becoming a fashion designer. Unfortunately that never happened for me so I had to find an alternative route, what else could I do that still allowed me to play with colors and beautiful things? Oh yes fashion styling and wedding planning!
On top of that, there was my bursting urge to become an entrepreneur. The idea of creating a company from scratch, gain clients, show my work to the world was too fun not to chase down.
However, I’ve always kept my love for fashion and through this blog I hope to keep my love for fashion styling alive and well. Nothing makes me happier than putting together outfits, fashion styling myself and friends, sharing it on this blog and eventually formally complementing my wedding business with a fashion styling business. 
Weddings + Styling + Fashion = Happiness

Where do I begin?

I’m a wedding planner, fashion lover, mother, wife, Marketing Manager, friend, etc, traveler, foodie,etc, etc..

I’ve been dreaming up this blog since I was 18 years old. I’m 31 now and something feels right enough to begin this blog and stay with it.

I’m going to share here my favorite things: my life as a wedding planner for my business Harlow & Dahlia Events, my passion for travels, my love affair with clothes, good food & drinks and how I try to lead a healthier lifestyle.

I’d love to inspire other women to venture out to be an entrepreneur just like I did!

Join me on the road!