Birthday Outfit Edition: Thrift Shop Dress Meets Hunter Boots

My birthday was two weeks ago and I turned 32. I almost typed 22 hah! It’s an odd feeling being 32. Being a young mom, part of me feels like I am well passed 32, wise and experienced. The other part of me feels like I am 16, physically speaking, I feel as I did when I was in high school (I’d like to think I look like it too, hehe). I am a firm believer that you will reflect your age on how you feel on the inside. I have hopes, desires, goals and I like to think this helps to keep me feeling young.
I love being 32. While to some 30’s may appear as starting to get old, personally I think it’s still very young. I aways like to think ahead, and I think ahead to the days (G-d willing) I will be in my 80’s and look back and think about how young 32 was. 
May 32 be another year of success, happiness and health.
To celebrate my youth, I decided to go with bold colors on my birthday. I recently discovered that around the block from my job exists three fundamental survival necessities establishments: a thrift shop, a juice company and a locally source doughnut shop. Needless to say I’ve been bouncing off from one to another, in particular, the thrift shop. Lunches are starting to seem like thrift shop, eat doughnut, repeat. In one outing to the shop, I found this beautiful wrap-around number. I absolutely fell in love with it and the price tag was a pleasant $7. That’s right $7!
It hugs my wait and hips perfectly and works for home, work or an outing. 
For my birthday, my husband gifted me a beautiful pair of Hunter red boots. I’ve been eyeing the red ones and I was THRILLED given how great they looked on my dress. I do love Hunter boots because their design is so classic and they feel so comfortable on my feet. I love rain boots and I am certainly the type of person to wear them every day if I can get away with it!
This is only my second pair of Hunter boots and so far I am loving every minute. I can combine them with dresses, leggings, jeans, shorts. Next Hunter boots shop? The pink ones!
So here it is my $7 dollar dress and my Hunter boots. What a mix! 
To get these same boots, visit: Red Hunter Boots in Gloss finish.. They also come available in a matte look which is also just as stunning. I personally love both, I think matte is great for leggings and jeans while the gloss boots are a great show stopper item.
Enjoy your Thursday ladies and gentlemen!

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