A Post-Thanksgiving Bridal Show

This past week I had the pleasure of participating in a bridal event at a nearby bridal shop named Fiori Bridal. It was very fun and I had the pleasure of meeting many brides to be and live with them the experience of trying on the potential “dress”.  It’s interesting to me the energy that goes behind picking the dress. I remember when I first became engaged I couldn’t wait to go to wedding dress shopping! It was the singular most important experience in the wedding planning process.
I realize why the experience is so important. In a world where ordinary becomes the normal, the idea of wearing a wedding gown is for many the one occasion to act out every fantasy of being as glamorous and sophisticated as one can be. It’s the one opportunity to seize the moment and have “all eyes on you” and of course the whole having your spouse see you in the dress moment..
But let’s rewind for a moment. While the wedding dress should indeed have this effect on future brides, why don’t more of us take an effort to have more of those moments each and every day?
That is why I started my fashion blog. To remind myself that glamour and “wow” moments are not only for special events. It should be for every day.
And here is a snapshot of my Business Lady post- Thanksgiving day! Trying to seize the day.
Outfit Details:

Sweater: Macy’s
Jeans: AE  (Which by the way are ON SALE for $26.97) I’m absolutely buying more today!
One of my favorite stores for jeans, they just always fit me so well!

     My set up at the bridal shop. I’m in love with shimmer.

  Opening up my Kate Spade bride and groom toast glasses that we forgot to use on my wedding night (oops!). I figured post- bridal shop champagne is just as good, right?

The best Cyber Monday deals to splurge on

I realize I neglected to make a post on the best Black Friday fashion deals. I think it’s partially my lack of enthusiasm for Black Friday and the lack of available stores where I live in Vermont.

Now, I will shop on Black Friday and have. I absolutely get how fun it is and how tempting the deals are but the crowds and long lines drive me crazy.

As such, I present you Cyber Monday. If you reading my blog, chances are you love the cyber world.
What can be better than online shopping for discounted fashion deals from the comfort of home?
The answer is nothing 🙂

As such, I present you my favorite Cyber Monday deals! Enjoy and spend away (it’s payday soon, right?)

Nasty Gal – Cyber Monday beings on 11/27 around 3pm PST. Up to 80% OFF all sale. Offer valid 11/27-11/28.

Rent the Runway – Cyber Monday: $40 off of order $100 and more!

J.Crew Factory – 11/28-11/29: 60% off everything + xtra 40% off clearance (w/ code HAPPYSALE) + free shipping

Wanderlust + Co – 40% off storewide with code: CYBER40

ninashoes.com –  Monday, November 28th – Sale: 50% off Site wide – Code at Checkout: SAVEMORE – http://www.ninashoes.com
Yandy.com – Monday, November 28th – Sale: $4 masks. $5 bras, $5 Bodystockings, $6 teddies, $6 bra sets, $7 babydoll, Up to 90% off lingerie, $10 plus size babydoll, Plus size bustiers under $10 – Code at Checkout: no code needed 
NY &Co– Upto 75% off everything. $30 off $100 and $15 off $75. Free shipping and the chance to win $25K! *My favorite sale*
Absolutely purchasing this tonight: 
Express– Upto 50% off and free shipping.
Macys.com- Take an extra 20% off everything including cleareance and other Cyber Monday deals.
Nordstrom Rack- Upto 75% off clearance and free ship!
Happy Monday! This is not like every other Monday 🙂

Pink Friday

                I was never a lover of pink or all things pink. In fact, growing up I hated it. Maybe I hated it because girls are “supposed” to wear pink and I was always somewhat of a rebel. Maybe I hated how bright and bubbly it is. Then again, when I was younger I wasn’t bubbly. It shocks people to hear that because I’m very bubbly today but that wasn’t always the case. Something changed over the last 5 years where I started to tolerate pink, then I started to actually wear more frequently and now I love it.
My bridesmaid’s dresses were blush, my headphones and computer are Rose Gold. I’d say I came to accept pink.

In particular I love subtle, light pinks. I think this color can be difficult to wear based on your complexion. I think it works well for all just as long as it is well combined with other factors such as accessories and other monochrome hues.

Lately I’ve been a fan of pairing light pink hues with grey or white pants. I love this look in particular for Winter time as it is subtle, fashionable and very feminine. I’ve been pairing the look with booties but it works just a well with flats, sneakers (Converses, Adidas).

I’ve been so obsessed with it, I’ve sort of been wearing it non-stop but when you find a look that works, stick with it!

Top: TJ Maxx
Pants: Bloomingdales
Booties: Candies

See you in the weekend!

Beauty is in the Details

New England has been enjoying beautiful, warm weather considering the time of year we are in. I am in love!

I have taken full advantage of this weather to still wear skirts and heels. I found this A line, mid-knee skirt at my new favorite vintage shop near my job.

The skirt has a beautiful lace trim on each side and a velvet bow in the center to complement the straight A line look. I have worn this skirt for professional events and it can easily be mixed and match with a black top, white top, blouses or sweaters.

That is one of the reasons I love a solid black skirt. There is so much flexibility to play around with it! It is a unique starting point that can easily repurposed and used with so many different options for shoes, tops and jewelry.

The lace trimming and bow on this skirt easily takes the place of any other jewelry required.

My shoes are Anne Klein, another simple design that its also timeless.

Skirt: Vintage
Shoes: Anne Klein
Top: H & M
Sweater: Banana Republic 

Birthday Outfit Edition: Thrift Shop Dress Meets Hunter Boots

My birthday was two weeks ago and I turned 32. I almost typed 22 hah! It’s an odd feeling being 32. Being a young mom, part of me feels like I am well passed 32, wise and experienced. The other part of me feels like I am 16, physically speaking, I feel as I did when I was in high school (I’d like to think I look like it too, hehe). I am a firm believer that you will reflect your age on how you feel on the inside. I have hopes, desires, goals and I like to think this helps to keep me feeling young.
I love being 32. While to some 30’s may appear as starting to get old, personally I think it’s still very young. I aways like to think ahead, and I think ahead to the days (G-d willing) I will be in my 80’s and look back and think about how young 32 was. 
May 32 be another year of success, happiness and health.
To celebrate my youth, I decided to go with bold colors on my birthday. I recently discovered that around the block from my job exists three fundamental survival necessities establishments: a thrift shop, a juice company and a locally source doughnut shop. Needless to say I’ve been bouncing off from one to another, in particular, the thrift shop. Lunches are starting to seem like thrift shop, eat doughnut, repeat. In one outing to the shop, I found this beautiful wrap-around number. I absolutely fell in love with it and the price tag was a pleasant $7. That’s right $7!
It hugs my wait and hips perfectly and works for home, work or an outing. 
For my birthday, my husband gifted me a beautiful pair of Hunter red boots. I’ve been eyeing the red ones and I was THRILLED given how great they looked on my dress. I do love Hunter boots because their design is so classic and they feel so comfortable on my feet. I love rain boots and I am certainly the type of person to wear them every day if I can get away with it!
This is only my second pair of Hunter boots and so far I am loving every minute. I can combine them with dresses, leggings, jeans, shorts. Next Hunter boots shop? The pink ones!
So here it is my $7 dollar dress and my Hunter boots. What a mix! 
To get these same boots, visit: Red Hunter Boots in Gloss finish.. They also come available in a matte look which is also just as stunning. I personally love both, I think matte is great for leggings and jeans while the gloss boots are a great show stopper item.
Enjoy your Thursday ladies and gentlemen!

Work Style Notes: Navy Blue Pants

 Hello! I’m trying to get back to blogging after a long hiatus. In that time, I decided it would probably be helpful if I buy a camera so I can improve the quality of my pictures, obviously right now I wouldn’t say they are the highest of qualities. Work in progress!

I also did some soul searching around the concept of being a fashion blogger and what exact that entails.
When I look at most blogs, the pictures are flawless, the clothes could be off the runway in terms of high worth and while I love and highly admire the blogs, it’s not a reality for myself and it’s likely not a reality for most!

If I can get to the point in my life where everything I shop for is designer then that would be a great deal but for now it is a mixture of some designer, some vintage and some just every day shops. I hope in many ways the blog an be relatable to many.

While I should say I would never give up vintage. There is nothing more exciting to me than searching for treasures in thrift shops, it goes back to my fashion roots when I lived in New York City.
The smell of the shop, the colors popping of the rack, the textures. No better retail therapy than vintage shop therapy.

For today’s look I am showing a simple yet fun signature statement work style. I got these navy blue pants that have 6 buttons on the waist area and I absolutely love it! I’ve worn them with every color and type of top possible.

As they are high waisted pants, I try to pair them up with heels, typically just black pumps.

The top is a soft cotton maroon top and I complemented that with a maroon pashmina and my favorite necklace: pearls!

I love this outfit because it is comfortable, easy to put together and looks great at work or after hours.
I threw my hair up for this style to more intensity to the look and bring out my neck area since I have the necklace and pearls.

Till next time friends!

Pants: Kohl’s
Top: Macys
Scarf: HM

Sparkle & Blue

It is an understatement to say I’ve slacked off on actively writing on the my blog. When I wake up at night and think of my “I need to do this soon…” list, my blog is always on the top 3.

However, the last few months brought me a change in daytime jobs, a vacation and (luckily) back-back weddings for a month straight!

Sometimes I know when I have too much on my plate and something has to give. Unfortunately, it’s the blog.

As much as I absolutely love writing in it, priorities are family, career & business, being a human and then the blog.

I hope the blog moves up in importance soon enough but for the time being, I had to take a break. However, now that I’m back, I’m going to kick my post off with one of my favorite outfits of the season!

I wore this sparkly, blue number to a friend’s wedding this month and I felt amazing in it. I don’t typically don on long sleeve, super short dresses but as I went on a very last minute, desperate search for a dress all over Vermont, this dress stood out from the rest.
The color is perfect for the Fall season, the sparkles just pop out in person but they don’t make me look like I walked out of Studio 54 either.

I parked the dress with black tights and black heels to dress it up appropriately for the occasion and parted my hair to the side to add a more romantic & soft touch to the dress.

I absolutely believe every dress/ outfit can take on a theme of its own based on how you style it. If I had done my hair completely straight and didn’t wear the black tights, this dress would have screamed “femme fatale”; the details really pulls it altogether.

Dress: Macy’s
Shoes: Banana Republic
Clutch: Vintage

Style Inspiration: Pencil Skirt

If you were to ask me my favorite fashion item ever it may well be a tie between pencil skirts and liquid eyeliner.

Pencil skirt slightly outranking the eyeliner. My first recollection of my love for pencil skirts came from childhood. I was a strange child, let’s get that out in the open. Very strange in fact.

An only child, I had to rely on imagination to not be bored out of my mind. When I first moved to the United States, didn’t know the language and virtually had no friends, I found some form of comfort watching old Hollywood movies. I fell in love with Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, Lauren Bacall, Lana Turner and of course Jean Harlow. I admire Jean’s beauty and glamour so much I named my event planning company after : Harlow & Dahlia Events. My favorite Old Hollywood era was the 1940’s and Film Noir. (On a different post, I’ll cover how my love for Film Noir led me to become a film major for a year in college)

One thing that always stood out to me about this era is the clothes, I just love the style of the 40’s. Clean lines, dark tones, wavy hair, red lipstick, big eyes, strappy (is that a word?) heels.
I feel I belong to that era, while I don’t necessarily believe in reincarnation, if ever something would make me believe is the sole fact that I am convinced I must have lived in that decade.

The pencil skirt was a trademark statement of that time. I have images of Marilyn Monroe wearing a beautiful black skirt bouncing around in espadrilles wedges.

Whenever I need an instant pick me up, I don on one of my many pencil skirts, dash the eyeliner, grab a Starbucks and I feel like a million dollars. I love the instant glamour the skirt provides me, I feel fit, elegant and ready to go.

I wear them to work, I wear them out and about, I wear them on casual days and big occasions. I wear them with heels such as below and I wear them with flip flops, sandals, wedges, just about any suitable shoe EXCEPT sneakers of course. Never sneakers + a pencil skirt shall mix.

I find them to be such a flattering piece of clothing on most women. If you don’t own one yet, I ask you to go out and buy one. You’ll see what I mean about feeling glamorous in them!

                                                                  Skirt: Express
                                                                  Top: Old Navy
                                                                  Shoes: Liz Clairborne
                                                                  Lipstick: Burt’s Bees– Scarlet Soaked

The Joy of Cooking & A Zest of Color

I finally bought The Joy of Cooking Cookbook. This book has been a to buy item in my planner for months but I kept putting it off. I am SO happy I finally picked it up. I can now see why this book is so legendary, it has thousands of quick, easy and delicious recipes for all types of tastes. I’ve been trying one out each evening and thus far they have all been huge hits at home!
When I came home last night and took a look at my outfit and its vibrant, zestful colors I immediately knew I wanted to cook something just as cheerful! I settled on pg 515 and tried out Keema Aloo, a well known Pakistani dish  consisting of beef, potatoes and what seemed like hundreds of spices including my favorite spice: Turmeric.
The recipe turned out delicious, I should have probably taken photos but we were too busy eating it!
I promise it is worth trying and you will not regret this delicious comfort food. More importantly I cannot recommend purchasing The Joy of Cooking if you have not done yet! I am SO happy to try out all these recipes in upcoming Fall and Winter. It is going to be an amazing cold season just imagining the delicious food and dishes we’ll make, colorful outfits and the most helpful of assistants such as my daughter Mackenzie below.
Dress: Old Navy
Sweater: H & M

Look of the day: A Navy Dress & a Couple of Philosophies on Hand

I have a few philosophies I live by that I’ve picked up through the years. Little actions and thoughts that carry me through times where I wonder how I’ll make it.

My very favorite philosophy and we’ll say :

Philosophy #1

If you don’t feel great, if someone has done you wrong, if this and that is happening then dress to impress yourself.

Dress SO amazing that you spark and fly out of your house ready to take on the world. Carry yourself so high, shoulders up, determination in sight. Everyone that sees you will gasp and just like that you silence any doubters.

It isn’t necessarily about impressing others but more about showing life who you really are. The times are tough, great, then dress like you are off to the greatest party of your life. Because life is short and you can’t sit around waiting for the party to come to you which brings me to:

Philosophy #2

Sometimes we need to make the party happen ourselves. Stop waiting for the compliment, stop waiting for the better job and the better relationship. Those things will never come just as long as we wait and abide to complete our happiness waiting for their arrival.

Here is my “stopping traffic, philosophies in my mind” outfit:

Dress: IZ Byer- Kohl’s
Shoes & Bag: Vintage (bought somewhere in NYC somewhere ago)
Red lipstick: Burt’s Bees all natural line – Scarlett Soaked