Look of the Day: White Tutu Style Shoot

My favorite fabric in the world ever, ever, ever is tulle. I love everything about it, as a fabric is delicate, beautiful, ethereal and glamorous. It reminds me of weddings, fairy tales and just beauty in general.

Surprise, surprise my wedding dress was 99% tulle except for pearls and buttons. I will not say I felt like a princes because I felt too glamorous to be labeled a princess. 

When I think of tulle I think of that infamous Marilyn Monroe picture in which she has that ballerina outfit on and just looks legendary or I think of Carrie Bradshaw’s infamous tutu in the opening scene of Sex and the City.

I’ve been wishing to purchase a similar tutu for a very long time so when I saw it last year, I asked myself what am I waiting for to buy it? When is it really ever going to be the norm to wear a tutu around town? Let alone around Vermont? Never. Therefore might as well do it now.
I am ever so grateful I did. It is without doubt my favorite piece of clothing I own. I feel absolutely beautiful and free wearing it.

I premiered it at my bridal shower last year and have worn it to several occasions since. Properly matched with an understated top, it makes for an absolutely beautiful outfit. See for yourself!

Look of the day: Bright Hues

I get asked frequently how I have so much energy to do everything I do. In reality I do a LOT. 
A mom to two girls, business owner, full time Marketing Manager, wife, human..etc. Yet there are mornings where I am totally burned out and feel like I haven’t achieved much. I want to stay up late until midnight getting things done but I am lucky if I make it passed 9:30 pm. In the morning, I strive to wake up early but sometimes my body says no, really, just take this time to catch up and rest.
For the mornings where I don’t feel that accomplished, behind and rushed, I think it’s important to dress up and feel really good about what I’m wearing. 
The bright hues cheer me up and really set the tone for the day. Pair this with a good cup of coffee and I’m good to go. Everyone needs their own comfort that will get them by and through the challenges of their daily routine, for some  that comfort comes in reading the newspaper in the mornings, for others is meditation by sunrise, for me is dressing me up before I walk out the door.
I may not feel accomplished, but that feeling fades away soon after I closed my front door behind me.
Blouse: Express
Pants: Express
Bag: Handmade!
Shoes: Target

Look of the Day: A Little Red Top

 As a mother of two and still very early on in my career, I have to be smart about where my money goes. I’m not the greatest with my money, I’ll admit it. I’m just not. That said, I am skilled beyond skilled at saving and finding an amazing bargain anywhere.

Growing up I always had expensive fashion taste however my family could not afford all the brands I so much wanted. Having to accept this, it forced me to become smart about bargain shopping, thrift shopping and finding fashion treasures in very unlikely places. I pride myself on being able to make outfits look elegant and expensive with very little factual cost behind them. From time to time I’ll splurge on an expensive piece that can be complimented a million ways with other pieces of clothing or jewelry. It’s key to have a go to item like this one!
Given all the other priorities in our budget, I have a very small budget for fashion but believe me I stretch it far. Very far. I will never sacrifice my style, it is my signature, my art and one of my unique ways to express myself.

So with that in mind, here is an outfit that costed me maybe around $30. This is one of my favorite tops and I get compliments on it very frequently. It’s a soft silk type material and feels wonderful and light on.
Skirt: JC Penney 
Top: Kohls
Shoes: A random NYC boutique, I’ve had them for over 6 years!
Jewelry: Zinnia’s (local jewelry store in Vermont)

Look of the Day: Business

Business wear is not my favorite fashion style by any means however it can be very fun to pull together and when I love what I wear I feel confident, ready to take on the world.
The workforce male nomination has shifted over the last few decades but so much groundwork still needs to be covered, for some their confidence may be derived from many other sources and so is mine. Yet fashion plays an intricate role in how I present myself, how I feel and the confidence I portray.

This is today’s fashion look: A flower pattern skirt, light spaghetti strap, black blazer and high heels.

I love to mix and match fabrics and this outfit was not very expensive to pull together. All these pieces can easily be found at any store.

Feeling confident today?

The Little Black Romper

In my last post I discussed the important of the “business” little black dress.
 Now that I’ve covered business, let’s focus on fun. The little black dress’ younger cousin is the little black romper. I am by no means a huge romper fan, in fact, I own none besides the one in this picture.
I love layers and pulling together beautiful pieces of clothing to form a beautiful outfit. The romper to me seems like a lazy way out of creating an outfit and putting thought into. Convenient? Sure it is. Do I like it? Not at all.
The exception being the little black romper. I found this beauty at HM in NYC and lemme tell ya I fell in love at first sight. I’m usually good about catching myself before spending on a piece of clothing I fall in love with but that all went out of the window with this romper.
Sexy, fun, relaxing and easy to wear. I can dress it up with jewelry, I can wear it with sandals or heels.
Hair can be up, hair an be down. The entire outfit is a great blank canvas where I can get as creative as I’d like! It is definitely a fun number for a night out in the town and potentially an ounce too risque but life is too short not to wear a little black romper, right?
PS. For the record, I ended up a couple of sizes bigger than my typical size 3 (in the picture below). As I learned, HM sizes either run very small or I went a little too far with all my tasting of NYC food that weekend (very likely).

The Little Black Dress: Business Style

Whenever you hear about The Little Black Dress, otherwise known as “LBD”, it is typically associated with post work hours attire. You’d wear them to a cocktail hour, an evening out with your date or even for a night out dancing in town. However, I think it an essential piece of wardrobe for most women to own for day to day functions just as much as you should have one for nightlife. 
I’ve owned this little black dress for years, it was a good find off one of my favorite large department stores Target. I’ve used this dress for about every job interview I’ve had over the last 5 or 6 years and each time it has been a hit. I’ve used for family functions, work meetings, in essence any event where I needed a sure-win outfit and had little to no time to go shopping or find a different outfit. I made sure to buy a dress that was flattering to my waist and could easily be worn with any style of shoes or jewelry. I dress it up or down as much as I want and it has always proven to be a winner option, even after I sigh because I have to wear it once again, it always works out for me.

The Curious Case of the Inexpensive Outfit

When I think of fashion, I see it as my blank canvas. Some people are great painters, other are great writers, while others excel in dancing. I am not bad in those fields but I’ve never excel at them. Fashion comes natural to me, I love putting together styles, colors, textures. Unfortunately, the reality is I haven’t always had the means to purchase the pieces of clothing I’ve had my eyes on. I’ve becoming very, very savvy at looking as if I’ve spend several hundreds of dollars on an outfit when in reality I’ve spend probably $15. I learned to seek out pieces in thrift shops, and stores such as +H&M , +Old Navy and +Target. For minimal dollars, I can pull together wonderful, one of a kind outfits. That said, for as much of a saver as I am, I too have my “snob” perceptions. I will not lie, I am not a fan of +Walmart. I never hear positive stories about this store and when I have visited my perception is not positive. When I found myself selling doughnuts for a fundraiser there last week, I was forced to be there, to really BE there for 4+ hours. On a break, I decided to explore and do what most fashion lovers would find repulsive. Tempted by the prices, and pleasantly surprised at some of the selection, I went for it. I bought a simple outfit, a skirt and a tank top. 
What is the lesson here? A treasure can be found anywhere.