It’s Been Busy

It’s been busy, that is the summary of this post! Note to self: don’t schedule 3 trips back to back next year.

I’ve been having a blast over the last month but phew I need to get off the roller coaster for a minute.
Luckily in the month of July, I get to “take it easy” for 2 weeks or so before it picks up again with another not 1, not 2, not 3 but FOUR trips before the end of September.

Sometimes I question why I pack so much in all the time. The wisest of people would advise you to “be present” and to “enjoy the present moment”. I agree this is likely the healthiest option but I also live by the philosophy to enjoy every hour of the day, savor in the trips, the moments, the laughter.

Growing up my family tended to relax and always live in the moment. This translated into no vacations, outings or other fun activities. It wasn’t so bad when we lived in South America, it became worse when we moved to New York City. Slowly there were no far away trips, no exciting visits anywhere, just a lot of being home.

So am I making up for those years? Am I a fervent believer in the “you only live once” motto?
I am not completely sure what it is but what I do know is this summer thus far has been so fun, it may just be my favorite summer ever (or close second to last year’s….the summer of my wedding).

More to blog now has its own domain and soon a new template!

Soon I will post many other photos, updates, articles and everything I’m constantly thinking about pouring out on this blog.

A little taste of my summer: My friend Ari and me hanging out at a summer concert by the lake….