The Curious Case of the Inexpensive Outfit

When I think of fashion, I see it as my blank canvas. Some people are great painters, other are great writers, while others excel in dancing. I am not bad in those fields but I’ve never excel at them. Fashion comes natural to me, I love putting together styles, colors, textures. Unfortunately, the reality is I haven’t always had the means to purchase the pieces of clothing I’ve had my eyes on. I’ve becoming very, very savvy at looking as if I’ve spend several hundreds of dollars on an outfit when in reality I’ve spend probably $15. I learned to seek out pieces in thrift shops, and stores such as +H&M , +Old Navy and +Target. For minimal dollars, I can pull together wonderful, one of a kind outfits. That said, for as much of a saver as I am, I too have my “snob” perceptions. I will not lie, I am not a fan of +Walmart. I never hear positive stories about this store and when I have visited my perception is not positive. When I found myself selling doughnuts for a fundraiser there last week, I was forced to be there, to really BE there for 4+ hours. On a break, I decided to explore and do what most fashion lovers would find repulsive. Tempted by the prices, and pleasantly surprised at some of the selection, I went for it. I bought a simple outfit, a skirt and a tank top. 
What is the lesson here? A treasure can be found anywhere.

Springtime means lighter, happier looks

To anyone that knows me, it is no secret I live for Spring and Summertime. I tolerate Winter, i really like Fall but nothing compares to the warmer seasons.

The smell in the crisp warm air that May brings, the celebrations of summer, BBQ, the beach, a glowing tan, sandy hair, shorts, drives without the rooftop on, creemes, the list goes on. 
My romance with my husband started in the Spring. My best moments in life typically fall in the Spring and Summer. Having grown up in the city, summer in New York City cannot be explained through words, it’s an experienced everyone should have at least once in their lifetime.
Getting ready for Spring and Summer calls for new outfits, and I’ve already embraced that!
Clean, fresh new look, simple All American dress from my favorite +Old Navy  and +TOMS sneakers.
Bring it on Spring and Summer.