Harlow & Dahlia Events: Engagement Shoot

In 10 days, it will be my one year anniversary. It seems incredible this much time has passed by since August 29, 2015 yet the seasons have changed and here we are.

Prepping up to celebrate my anniversary here are some inspiration shots from our engagement shoot.
Reminiscing on how much fun it was to snap these and can’t wait for our year anniversary shoot.

Wedding Designer: Maggie Sottero

Maggie Sottero wedding dresses are likely one of the most popular options for  brides. As a wedding planner, I often see brides pick Maggie Sottero dresses as their choices and for good reason.
Maggie Sottero designs are a combination of classic, beautiful and comfortable. These designs are meant for the  brides that would like to present a piece of classic and  timeless beauty at their weddings.
They frequently feature classic A line figures, very intricate designs with little fluff. 
For the very fashion forward bride the Maggie Sottero line has launched Sottero & Bradley. A beautiful collection of more innovative and playful dresses. 
The Maggie Sottero line is also incredibly affordable. In times where the average wedding rings in at $27,000, it is comforting to know you can have a high quality bridal design at a small faction of your budget. I encourage to check out their website for inspiration!

Harlow & Dahlia Events: Adding Flowers to your Wedding Cake

I have a thing for flowers. I think that goes without saying. Flowers are beautiful, they smell great and just overall make most people happy upon seeing the. As a wedding planner, I try to use flowers for just about every possible affair I plan and if doable I use them in all types of decor.
I even work with my brides to put flowers on the wedding cake. Yes! The cake.
Just a few years ago the trend was to have cakes that may have been way too over-frosted and with a figurine of the bride/groom sitting on top. In today’s weddings trends, the cake serves as a gateway for creative decoration. Adding flowers to your wedding cake can serve as a way to further decorate your wedding and make your cake a delicious, beautiful center point in the reception.
I mean let’s face it, most people can’t wait to eat the cake, why not make it not only delicious but stunning by adding some flower work to it?


Harlow & Dahlia Events: Why You Should Include Wildflowers at Your Wedding

One of my favorite trends as Vermont wedding planner that my business Harlow & Dahlia Events frequently sees is the use of wildflowers in our weddings.

Wildflowers are a breath of fresh air compared to the more complex arrangements often seen at weddings. Wildflowers such as hydrangeas and baby breath’s are delicate, soft flowers that can really add a sense of romance to any wedding.

They can be used in a variety of different formats. My personal favorite is as a bride’s bouquet, baby breath’s in particular will look so beautiful with most wedding dresses in particular long flowing dresses.

They can also be used as centerpieces for guests tables. In fact I did this at my own wedding, I hand picked all of my centerpiece flowers at a farm and then later the rest were picked and arranged as my pieces.

You can use them as decorative pieces in spots such as the wedding cake table, diner buffet table or the gifts table.

Yet the most everlasting way to use flowers is on your hair. Any bride would look beautiful with natural wildflowers in particular for outside weddings!

Do you love wildflowers? Did you have them at your wedding?

Wedding Dress Designer: Stella York

Stella York wedding dresses are one of my absolute favorite wedding dresses as a wedding planner. It is difficult to find an unattractive wedding dress, personally I think most dresses are beautiful, however there is vast difference between beautiful and breath taking.

I do feel strong that Stella York designs fall under the “breath taking” category. The designs are delicate, incredibly detailed and classic. They blend both very traditional effects with modern alluring silhouettes that bring out every bride’s beauty.

They are not overly powerful designs but have consistency behind their styles time after time.
In fact, I almost wore a Stella York to my wedding last year and while I loved my dress, from time to time I look back on the design and wonder.

If you prefer simple, elegant  and romantic designs that are versatile enough for either an outside or inside wedding I recommend trying on Stella York designs.

Check out my wedding business Pinterest page and my wedding planning business page for more ideas: Harlow & Dahlia Events!

Harlow & Dahlia Events: A Delicious Wedding Detail

When planning weddings for Harlow & Dahlia Events I often think of considerate and unique ways to make each wedding as unique and memorable as possible. I often look for inspiration such as from one of my favorite wedding design websites Ruffled Blog
Take a look at the amazing picture below. Not only is it beautiful but it looks absolutely delicious.
It also isn’t very difficult to pull together:
Step 1: For very little you can find a local person that works with wooden materials that can construct this type of stand, think Craigslist
Step 2: The cake pops can be obtained from a local baker, a major chain such as Starbucks or for the truly DIY bride you can bake them on your own.
Step 3: Decor. For this part add a couple of flowers with shapes and colors that complement the style of your set up. 

Wedding Dress by Mori Lee

Snapshot back to the summer when I got to wear this stunning gown by +Mori Lee for my wedding. 
I never felt so beautiful, I often “joke” that if I could wear a wedding dress everyday but there’s very little of that statement that’s an actual joke. Wedding dresses are so beautiful, regal, the fabrics are soft, etheral.. I often wonder why we save this type of dressing up for only one day in our lives.
Anyway, I wonder what the odds are that I can become a wedding dress model someday? Goals?

Weddings, Style & Fashion

How did I become a wedding planner? I love weddings, it’s plain and simple. I love beauty, I love color palettes, there’s many things that I am not talented at but I know for a fact I am a talented stylist.
Both in fashion and event planning, colors and themes speak to me. That is how I express myself, that is how I “speak”. When I got married, it sparked my interest and motivation to formally pursue this venture.
When I was younger I used to dream of becoming a fashion designer. Unfortunately that never happened for me so I had to find an alternative route, what else could I do that still allowed me to play with colors and beautiful things? Oh yes fashion styling and wedding planning!
On top of that, there was my bursting urge to become an entrepreneur. The idea of creating a company from scratch, gain clients, show my work to the world was too fun not to chase down.
However, I’ve always kept my love for fashion and through this blog I hope to keep my love for fashion styling alive and well. Nothing makes me happier than putting together outfits, fashion styling myself and friends, sharing it on this blog and eventually formally complementing my wedding business with a fashion styling business. 
Weddings + Styling + Fashion = Happiness