Easter Cheers

When I was younger I can’t say I was much into holidays. I sorta was as a child then in my teens and early 20’s I became somewhat anti-holidays. I didn’t like the expectations behind them and the idea of sending or receiving a generic family perfect card seemed daunting.

As I grew, I’ve learned to love the individualism that can be added to the holidays- any holiday- and welcome these dates as an opportunity to harvest tradition for my daughters, create memories and demonstrate my event planning skills.

This year I was so busy that I only had time for a quick, very impromptu, “let’s see what I can pull together in an hour” get together. Nonetheless we had a blast, we enjoyed many Easter egg hunts, set one up in our backyard, welcome old friends and new friends and got to spend time together as a family.

My oldest daughter Zoe baked some of the most scrumptious desserts you can imagine including carrot cupcakes (all homemade from scratch).

As far as outfits, I donned what I could find which was this 2 year Charlotte Russe find. In summer 2015 as I was about to get married and provided my last payment for a vendor (aka had $5 in the bank account), I realized I had neglected to purchase a dress for my second bridal shower in New Jersey.

I ran to Charlotte Russe and quite truly found the “dream” dress. There it was tugged in the $10 dress sale rack between colorful oranges and blues. It was so perfect, white and floral, it was only $10 and I’ve received so, so, so many compliments on it. I will disclose the dress was not this short during my shower and I purely blame my awful dryer for suddenly become a baby doll dress. Nonetheless, it still is one of my favorite dresses!

Make sure to check out the color palette for the outfit below!

I hope everyone had a delightful Easter!!


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