Gluten Free Challenge

Over the last few years I’ve become more and more aware about nutrition, food systems and my overall health. While I’ve always had a leaning towards the natural, being in my early to mid 20’s and dating my husband who back then worked at a bar did not make for healthy, nutritious meals every day of the week.
If gravy and cheese lathered fries at 3:00 am count as healthy..then I was somewhat healthy.
Through different life experiences I’ve found out more about the challenges in today’s food systems, I now walk through grocery isles and I am shocked at the amount of unnecessary, man produced items littering the shelves. More importantly, I’ve realized our body actually only needs major key nutrients to thrive on which can be obtained from the most basic of food staples: fruits, vegetables, meats.
I will go down the list of all the changes I have made and will continue to make to my diet in my future blog posts and hope to inspire others to make healthy decisions about their nutrition.
Of all the bad eating habits culprit in my eyes (by far my largest challenge) is gluten. 
Gluten is included in a large chunk of foods in society, from breads to cookies, it is in every food item you can imagine. Not a native food staple to our ancestors, gluten which derives from wheat did not make an appearance into (wo)man’s diet until several thousand years ago.
That is right, somehow generations of humans managed to survive not eating gluten yet it is now ingrained in most of our day to day foods . Are you shocked?
While I will not go into a lengthy scientific explanation, it is my personal belief that gluten can be linked to many forms of inflammation in the body. Inflammation usually expels out trouble for your body in the shape of illness but also in the vain of gaining unnecessary weight and being bloated.
While I am naturally a “skinny” person, when I’ve managed my gluten intake I’ve noticed my body becomes more toned up, I feel healthier, more aware, energetic,etc.
I’ve tried to give up gluten in the past and have lasted a shocking 3 days. Yep, that’s how far I made it before I broke down and had to reach for the bread and cheese. That’s not good. If you can’t give something up for more than 7 days, there’s a problem there. 
After this weekend’s 4th of July holiday, I indulge in about every gluten packed food available and it was fantastic! However, all things in moderation. I’d like to take this week to “cleanse” my body and go gluten free at least until this upcoming Sunday (sorry baseball game, can’t eat healthy then).
It is my hope that I can train my body to slowly but surely give up gluten and move towards a more natural, raw foods diet. It will not be easy but I know it’s achievable. 
Have you been feeling not so great lately? If you are in need of a change, I invite to join me and give up gluten until this Sunday at 6 pm. This means no pasta, cookies, bread, crackers, anything with flour basically. 
Let’s see how far I last this time!

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