Harlow & Dahlia Events: Adding Flowers to your Wedding Cake

I have a thing for flowers. I think that goes without saying. Flowers are beautiful, they smell great and just overall make most people happy upon seeing the. As a wedding planner, I try to use flowers for just about every possible affair I plan and if doable I use them in all types of decor.
I even work with my brides to put flowers on the wedding cake. Yes! The cake.
Just a few years ago the trend was to have cakes that may have been way too over-frosted and with a figurine of the bride/groom sitting on top. In today’s weddings trends, the cake serves as a gateway for creative decoration. Adding flowers to your wedding cake can serve as a way to further decorate your wedding and make your cake a delicious, beautiful center point in the reception.
I mean let’s face it, most people can’t wait to eat the cake, why not make it not only delicious but stunning by adding some flower work to it?


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