Look Inspiration: Live for Today, not for Yesterday

This Monday, I woke up and had things in perfect order, I ate a healthy breakfast, laundry was done, house was clean, the girls were woken up early.

Yesterday, I was a wreck. The week slowly descended into “what is going on?!” and yesterday was a very tough day, an unexpectedly difficult day with surprising challenges.
The day ended with a friend posting this picture of me on Facebook and my husband showing a side of him that I had seen before but I never really, really, really appreciated as much as yesterday evening. As he was speaking, all I could think about is how emotional, encouraging and beautiful his words were to me were.
Somehow everything else seemed like an inconvenience in the way.
Today, I look at this picture of me and remember my husband’s words and I feel so incredibly happy, grateful and blessed. The future has never looked brighter.
I look SO happy in this picture and this is the future. Do you have any photos of you that remind you what your true purpose in life is? Remind you who the best version of yourself is? The version you want to grow and keep developing?
My favorite quote from my husband’s reassuring talk: “You have to live for today, what happens today, it’s already behind, leave yesterday behind. You’re not changing, you can’t”

The fashion statement in this photo isn’t the dress, hair or flowers, it’s my smile. Cheesy as it sounds, it’s my favorite thing to wear!

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