Look of the day: A Navy Dress & a Couple of Philosophies on Hand

I have a few philosophies I live by that I’ve picked up through the years. Little actions and thoughts that carry me through times where I wonder how I’ll make it.

My very favorite philosophy and we’ll say :

Philosophy #1

If you don’t feel great, if someone has done you wrong, if this and that is happening then dress to impress yourself.

Dress SO amazing that you spark and fly out of your house ready to take on the world. Carry yourself so high, shoulders up, determination in sight. Everyone that sees you will gasp and just like that you silence any doubters.

It isn’t necessarily about impressing others but more about showing life who you really are. The times are tough, great, then dress like you are off to the greatest party of your life. Because life is short and you can’t sit around waiting for the party to come to you which brings me to:

Philosophy #2

Sometimes we need to make the party happen ourselves. Stop waiting for the compliment, stop waiting for the better job and the better relationship. Those things will never come just as long as we wait and abide to complete our happiness waiting for their arrival.

Here is my “stopping traffic, philosophies in my mind” outfit:

Dress: IZ Byer- Kohl’s
Shoes & Bag: Vintage (bought somewhere in NYC somewhere ago)
Red lipstick: Burt’s Bees all natural line – Scarlett Soaked

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