Look of the day: Blue on Blue

I love dates. It’s one of my favorite things to do with my husband in the world, however, we don’t go on them enough, in fact we barely do. The are many factors that affect our ability to enjoy dates such as time, being tired, budgets. Has it been a busy week? Then I don’t want to spend too much time away from our girls, there’s always a reason. So when all these factors fall into place and we can go on a date, I love to dress up. I don’t do it for him, I don’t do it for others, I do it because I love to feel stunning. I love to be dolled up head to toe. My husband will be quick to say : “Well, you are looking for attention” which I think it’s an assumption and label women get frequently thrown on them if they choose to wear anything that may be outside the “norm”, too tight, too dressy, too out there.
 I dress up because I want to feel glamorous out and about, not for attention, not for the photos, all for me. When has it become socially acceptable that a sweatshirt and pants is okay but a nicely fit dress isn’t? I will be fighting that for a while.
Case and point this beautiful blue dress that I love to wear for our dates out. It’s skin pressed and has a beautiful deep tone that really brings out my hair and skin color. I love it as a statement dress, I love pairing up with high heels, as it really brings the whole picture together. I bought the dress years ago somewhere on a trip to Texas and it has been one of my favorite to go to staples. I love matching blues with lighter shades of blues such as my bracelet. An aquamarine tone with a deeper blue makes for a beautiful color combo!

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