Look of the day: Keeping it Casual

There are days where nothing seems to work. You wake up and you’re off, the coffee tastes awful, you’re exhausted, just not feeling it. When it comes time to get dress, everything looks terrible, etc. etc. If you are a mother then your getting ready time in the mornings is cut by about 75%. I have around 20 minutes which is luxurious and that’s only because I wake up early.
On days I feel like this, I just keep it casual. I have a rule that jeans, a black top and cute shoe swill always look good on anyone in any occasion at all times. You can’t fail with this combination. It’s classic, sexy and to the point. Want to make it even easier? Put your hair up, grab some colorful earrings and you are golden! Easy, 5 minute dress up trick and now you feel and look great for the entire day.
Sometimes you have to shortcut your way to life and (clothes). 
Jeans: Gap
Top: H & M
Sandals: Old Navy
Bag: Vintage

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