Look of the day: My Favorite Red Dress

I am not a huge fan of red. It’s never been one of my favorite colors but I know it looks good on my particular complexion and yet this is one of my new favorite dresses. I bought it at TJ Maxx in a rush for a work event for maybe $12 and it’s become the biggest hit. Every time I wear it, I get a healthy amount of compliments.
Its a simple and classic dress. The combination of gold and red are one of my favorite colors in fashion. The way the zipper runs across the dress is a beautiful design that really highlights what otherwise would be a plain red dress. The best part is that I can wear it with heels, flats, sandals and it works well with any pairing. I can also add some gold earrings and a bracelet or go with more natural Earth tones for jewelry. I try to wear either brown leather bags or a white bag to undermine the stronger red dress.
What do you think? Feeling like going out and buying a statement red dress?

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