Look of the day: Slip on dress

I’m a big fan of fashion on the go, meaning being busy all the time and a mom I need to figure out creative ways to be fashionable while being fast. Keyword: FAST. That is why I love easy, quick one layer outfits I can easily thrown on and go! That doesn’t mean these outfits have to be frumpy, you can pick beautiful one layer pieces that are modern and stylish. Perfect example, the slip-on-dress. 
A simple, cotton, no pattern dress you can throw and GO. Pull your hair up, add cute shoes, a dab of make up, earrings and a bracelet and you are ready for the town in less than 5 minutes! 
My favorite slip-on-dress is this black number from Wet Seal. It is well fitted, I get tons of compliments on it and can wear it to just about anything. Casual functions, day in the park, evening out, I dress it up and dress down.
Want to make a good clothing investment? Find a slip-on-dress and you’ll love what a difference it will make to feel great and be ready quick!

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