Look of the Day: White Tutu Style Shoot

My favorite fabric in the world ever, ever, ever is tulle. I love everything about it, as a fabric is delicate, beautiful, ethereal and glamorous. It reminds me of weddings, fairy tales and just beauty in general.

Surprise, surprise my wedding dress was 99% tulle except for pearls and buttons. I will not say I felt like a princes because I felt too glamorous to be labeled a princess. 

When I think of tulle I think of that infamous Marilyn Monroe picture in which she has that ballerina outfit on and just looks legendary or I think of Carrie Bradshaw’s infamous tutu in the opening scene of Sex and the City.

I’ve been wishing to purchase a similar tutu for a very long time so when I saw it last year, I asked myself what am I waiting for to buy it? When is it really ever going to be the norm to wear a tutu around town? Let alone around Vermont? Never. Therefore might as well do it now.
I am ever so grateful I did. It is without doubt my favorite piece of clothing I own. I feel absolutely beautiful and free wearing it.

I premiered it at my bridal shower last year and have worn it to several occasions since. Properly matched with an understated top, it makes for an absolutely beautiful outfit. See for yourself!

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