Navy Color Dreams

One of my favorite colors in clothes is dark navy. It is a royal color that endures new trends and changes in fashion. I like to think it is a flattering color on most and it is an elegant signature color.
I love to pair my favorite navy dress with a pair of aviators for an even more classic look. If ever in a hurry, remember navy color + aviators = great outfit.
Another tip: if you are anything like and tend to lose or break your glasses at the drop of a hat, then buy inexpensive glasses that will not be a terrible financial loss when they meet their dismiss.
I have a pair of very nice aviators that I only wear to very special events. The rest of the time I do well with $12.99 pairs. My favorite place to buy them is H & M. They are inexpensive, durable, high quality and stylish!

Glasses: H & M

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