Notes from Montreal, QB

One of my favorite things to do is traveling. I keep long lists of the many places I want to visit. 
Now my love for traveling many times doesn’t translate in actual travel time. As mother of 2 girls, a full time job, a business and then some, time, finances and oh overall fear of planes sometimes can make readily exploratory travel a challenge. However, this does not frustrate me. I know things happen when they should, I know at this moment in my life I’m reshaping things so I will be able to travel as much as I desire to in the future. I’d love travel as family, and I am becoming better and better at incorporating my husband and girls into long journey travels.
The delightful thing about living in Vermont (besides the actual great things about living here) is its proximity to Montreal, Canada. A swift 1.45 min drive takes you to this beautiful, French inspired city where good cuisine, stunning architecture and a lively city take over any traveler’s heart. I gladly come to this beautiful city any chance I can, and I was lucky to go back last week for a +Selena Gomez concert. Can’t get better than this, right? 
Au revoir Montreal, see you in a hot minute.

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