Outfit Inspiration: Sunday Easy Look

 This summer has probably been my favorite summer ever (well last year is my favorite since that was the summer of I got married). I’ve been busy, lots of traveling and adventures. Well this weekend we got finally got to wind down and have an easy, breezy weekend. The girls and I did some shopping to catch up on some essentials they needed, managed to plan recipes and dinner for the rest of the week, work out and even explore some of our beautiful Vermont. Nothing gets me ready for a Monday as a peaceful Sunday.

I haven’t talked much about my career in the blog but in addition to running my own wedding planning business I am also a full time Marketing Manager. Yes, that’s 40 hours a week.

I fact I started this blog with the intention to carve out some time for myself where I discuss some of my favorite things so I can balance out family/work/business/social life. This is my “zen”. I love to share a piece of my life, it allows me to step away from the every day routine and I can focus on my love for weddings and fashion!

For Sunday, I came up with this easy to put together outfit that is still very comfortable and fashionable and in all honesty all under $25. It is possible to do! I LOVE this dress from Old Navy. I noticed I haven’t shopped there as much lately as I used to now that I’m evolving into new looks but I still have so many good finds from there! I love this dress because although simple, it is flattering and I can easily dress it down for the beach with flip flops and tossing my hair up or I can dress it up as shown below. A blank canvas dress is the best time because it is as if you own several dresses in one.
You can reorganize your look very easily when the canvas is so easy to play with.

To top it all off talk about having a fabulous hair day! I woke up and my hair curled down on its own as show in the pictures. No hairspray or retouching it. Let’s just say I ran with it.

Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: H &M
Necklace: Banana Republic
Bag: Vintage (I bought it at a store in Boston, many years ago)

Photo cred: My wonderful husband who loves to include some very strong solar flare in my pictures!

Here’s to all of us having a wonderful beginning of the week. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s outfit inspiration for very cute work style outfits that will make your work week just that much more exciting.

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