Look of the Day: Business

Business wear is not my favorite fashion style by any means however it can be very fun to pull together and when I love what I wear I feel confident, ready to take on the world.
The workforce male nomination has shifted over the last few decades but so much groundwork still needs to be covered, for some their confidence may be derived from many other sources and so is mine. Yet fashion plays an intricate role in how I present myself, how I feel and the confidence I portray.

This is today’s fashion look: A flower pattern skirt, light spaghetti strap, black blazer and high heels.

I love to mix and match fabrics and this outfit was not very expensive to pull together. All these pieces can easily be found at any store.

Feeling confident today?

Gluten Free Challenge

Over the last few years I’ve become more and more aware about nutrition, food systems and my overall health. While I’ve always had a leaning towards the natural, being in my early to mid 20’s and dating my husband who back then worked at a bar did not make for healthy, nutritious meals every day of the week.
If gravy and cheese lathered fries at 3:00 am count as healthy..then I was somewhat healthy.
Through different life experiences I’ve found out more about the challenges in today’s food systems, I now walk through grocery isles and I am shocked at the amount of unnecessary, man produced items littering the shelves. More importantly, I’ve realized our body actually only needs major key nutrients to thrive on which can be obtained from the most basic of food staples: fruits, vegetables, meats.
I will go down the list of all the changes I have made and will continue to make to my diet in my future blog posts and hope to inspire others to make healthy decisions about their nutrition.
Of all the bad eating habits culprit in my eyes (by far my largest challenge) is gluten. 
Gluten is included in a large chunk of foods in society, from breads to cookies, it is in every food item you can imagine. Not a native food staple to our ancestors, gluten which derives from wheat did not make an appearance into (wo)man’s diet until several thousand years ago.
That is right, somehow generations of humans managed to survive not eating gluten yet it is now ingrained in most of our day to day foods . Are you shocked?
While I will not go into a lengthy scientific explanation, it is my personal belief that gluten can be linked to many forms of inflammation in the body. Inflammation usually expels out trouble for your body in the shape of illness but also in the vain of gaining unnecessary weight and being bloated.
While I am naturally a “skinny” person, when I’ve managed my gluten intake I’ve noticed my body becomes more toned up, I feel healthier, more aware, energetic,etc.
I’ve tried to give up gluten in the past and have lasted a shocking 3 days. Yep, that’s how far I made it before I broke down and had to reach for the bread and cheese. That’s not good. If you can’t give something up for more than 7 days, there’s a problem there. 
After this weekend’s 4th of July holiday, I indulge in about every gluten packed food available and it was fantastic! However, all things in moderation. I’d like to take this week to “cleanse” my body and go gluten free at least until this upcoming Sunday (sorry baseball game, can’t eat healthy then).
It is my hope that I can train my body to slowly but surely give up gluten and move towards a more natural, raw foods diet. It will not be easy but I know it’s achievable. 
Have you been feeling not so great lately? If you are in need of a change, I invite to join me and give up gluten until this Sunday at 6 pm. This means no pasta, cookies, bread, crackers, anything with flour basically. 
Let’s see how far I last this time!

Scenes from Vermont: South Hero

Vermont is probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve stepped foot in and now have the honor to call home. Although sometimes I become homesick for the city, nothing compares to the feeling you have when you are back in Vermont. The pace is slower and colors are brighter. Here are a couple of snaps from one of my favorite places in my state, the beautiful town of South Hero located in Northern Vermont. More pictures to follow of our adventure strawberry picking in the summertime.

The Little Black Romper

In my last post I discussed the important of the “business” little black dress.
 Now that I’ve covered business, let’s focus on fun. The little black dress’ younger cousin is the little black romper. I am by no means a huge romper fan, in fact, I own none besides the one in this picture.
I love layers and pulling together beautiful pieces of clothing to form a beautiful outfit. The romper to me seems like a lazy way out of creating an outfit and putting thought into. Convenient? Sure it is. Do I like it? Not at all.
The exception being the little black romper. I found this beauty at HM in NYC and lemme tell ya I fell in love at first sight. I’m usually good about catching myself before spending on a piece of clothing I fall in love with but that all went out of the window with this romper.
Sexy, fun, relaxing and easy to wear. I can dress it up with jewelry, I can wear it with sandals or heels.
Hair can be up, hair an be down. The entire outfit is a great blank canvas where I can get as creative as I’d like! It is definitely a fun number for a night out in the town and potentially an ounce too risque but life is too short not to wear a little black romper, right?
PS. For the record, I ended up a couple of sizes bigger than my typical size 3 (in the picture below). As I learned, HM sizes either run very small or I went a little too far with all my tasting of NYC food that weekend (very likely).

The Little Black Dress: Business Style

Whenever you hear about The Little Black Dress, otherwise known as “LBD”, it is typically associated with post work hours attire. You’d wear them to a cocktail hour, an evening out with your date or even for a night out dancing in town. However, I think it an essential piece of wardrobe for most women to own for day to day functions just as much as you should have one for nightlife. 
I’ve owned this little black dress for years, it was a good find off one of my favorite large department stores Target. I’ve used this dress for about every job interview I’ve had over the last 5 or 6 years and each time it has been a hit. I’ve used for family functions, work meetings, in essence any event where I needed a sure-win outfit and had little to no time to go shopping or find a different outfit. I made sure to buy a dress that was flattering to my waist and could easily be worn with any style of shoes or jewelry. I dress it up or down as much as I want and it has always proven to be a winner option, even after I sigh because I have to wear it once again, it always works out for me.

Harlow & Dahlia Events: A Delicious Wedding Detail

When planning weddings for Harlow & Dahlia Events I often think of considerate and unique ways to make each wedding as unique and memorable as possible. I often look for inspiration such as from one of my favorite wedding design websites Ruffled Blog
Take a look at the amazing picture below. Not only is it beautiful but it looks absolutely delicious.
It also isn’t very difficult to pull together:
Step 1: For very little you can find a local person that works with wooden materials that can construct this type of stand, think Craigslist
Step 2: The cake pops can be obtained from a local baker, a major chain such as Starbucks or for the truly DIY bride you can bake them on your own.
Step 3: Decor. For this part add a couple of flowers with shapes and colors that complement the style of your set up. 

It’s Been Busy

It’s been busy, that is the summary of this post! Note to self: don’t schedule 3 trips back to back next year.

I’ve been having a blast over the last month but phew I need to get off the roller coaster for a minute.
Luckily in the month of July, I get to “take it easy” for 2 weeks or so before it picks up again with another not 1, not 2, not 3 but FOUR trips before the end of September.

Sometimes I question why I pack so much in all the time. The wisest of people would advise you to “be present” and to “enjoy the present moment”. I agree this is likely the healthiest option but I also live by the philosophy to enjoy every hour of the day, savor in the trips, the moments, the laughter.

Growing up my family tended to relax and always live in the moment. This translated into no vacations, outings or other fun activities. It wasn’t so bad when we lived in South America, it became worse when we moved to New York City. Slowly there were no far away trips, no exciting visits anywhere, just a lot of being home.

So am I making up for those years? Am I a fervent believer in the “you only live once” motto?
I am not completely sure what it is but what I do know is this summer thus far has been so fun, it may just be my favorite summer ever (or close second to last year’s….the summer of my wedding).

More to come..my blog now has its own domain and soon a new template!

Soon I will post many other photos, updates, articles and everything I’m constantly thinking about pouring out on this blog.

A little taste of my summer: My friend Ari and me hanging out at a summer concert by the lake….

More to Come

Excited to share I’m really pulling it altogether on the blog. I told myself if I were to invest on this blog, I had to prove to myself I’d invest time on it.

I have invested time on it therefore my reward is to update the branding and look for the blog and (gasp) actually buy a domain. More updates to come soon which will focus more on wedding topics, travel and much more!

In the meantime, my next adventure calls my name. A girls trip to NYC!