Pink Friday

                I was never a lover of pink or all things pink. In fact, growing up I hated it. Maybe I hated it because girls are “supposed” to wear pink and I was always somewhat of a rebel. Maybe I hated how bright and bubbly it is. Then again, when I was younger I wasn’t bubbly. It shocks people to hear that because I’m very bubbly today but that wasn’t always the case. Something changed over the last 5 years where I started to tolerate pink, then I started to actually wear more frequently and now I love it.
My bridesmaid’s dresses were blush, my headphones and computer are Rose Gold. I’d say I came to accept pink.

In particular I love subtle, light pinks. I think this color can be difficult to wear based on your complexion. I think it works well for all just as long as it is well combined with other factors such as accessories and other monochrome hues.

Lately I’ve been a fan of pairing light pink hues with grey or white pants. I love this look in particular for Winter time as it is subtle, fashionable and very feminine. I’ve been pairing the look with booties but it works just a well with flats, sneakers (Converses, Adidas).

I’ve been so obsessed with it, I’ve sort of been wearing it non-stop but when you find a look that works, stick with it!

Top: TJ Maxx
Pants: Bloomingdales
Booties: Candies

See you in the weekend!

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