Running Wild

The older I get the more I love sports. I wasn’t very sporty growing up having battled extreme asthma as a child, managing to breathe was challenge enough , I didn’t need to add sports to the mix. However, I outgrew my asthma and eventually realized I actually love some sports. I love volleyball, soccer, figure skating, freesbe but I especially love running. 
Why do I love to run? There’s a lot of physical benefits to the sport, of course, but who cares about those. It’s the benefits outside health which are the fun ones.
In general I live life at the beat of my own drum. I’ve always been independent and enjoy going at my pace. In running, you do your own thing, you run at your own pace, you stop when you feel like it, you can run fast, slow, not run, swirl around. There is no team alignment which is fabulous to me. I don’t have to wait for someone to make a move, I don’t have to react, I just go. I’ll run in group practices here and there but nothing beats the freedom of running on your own.

Running is a very freeing sport. When I run I feel like I’m running towards the other end of the world. It’s always an adventure, who will I bump into? How far will I run? How far into town can I go? Should I run by the lake? I never set a path to my running, I set an idea of where I’ll go and just run. I don’t let apps map any runs, I let my feet figure that out for me. There is something utterly freeing about running, it’s like going back to caveman time to the “fear or flight” attitude. Plus, in some twisted way it’s almost like traveling without the expense and the planes. If you can’t manage to go across the world or even to the closest metropolitan city, then running is about as good of a cheap substitute as you will find.
Zero Coordination Required
This might be my favorite reason! I am the least coordinated woman alive. If someone says right, I’ll look life. With running, I am under zero pressure to carefully figure out where my next move ought to be. I just move and go from there. No judgement, no expectations, win win!
When I run I can listen to all my favorite music from Biggie to some obscure indie rock band, running synchronizes perfectly to so many songs, it’s like long lasting dancing party. 
You Set Your Distance
I am known to always say “I would never run a marathon, never”. I have many marathon running friends and I admire their determination and strength endlessly. I know if I really, really, really, REALLY tried and trained I could do it, however, I see no joy in running 26+ miles. None.
Blame my ADD personality? But after 3.5 miles, I’m golden. That is a perfect amount of time to run. After that, my interest is long gone, I’m ready to go home, shower and eat! Unless there are super fun obstacles, more than 3.5 miles will never happen for me!
Some Runs are Just Wild
This past weekend I competed in the most fun race I’ve yet done! A mud race in Killington, Vermont.
The race included obstacles such as climbing up ropes, sliding down crazy distances to fall into a pit of mud and oh right–the never ending hiking UP a mountain. Yes, UP..a..mountain. I lost the friend I signed up to run with but made an amazing new friend from MASS who happened to share my fear of height + speed. I love heights, I love speed, I don’t love them together. As we were both mutually screaming sliding down a gigantic tub of mud, she screamed “hold my hand now” which I will never forget. It was an amazing moment, a complete stranger and I clicked just like that having known each other all of 5 seconds. Just like that I made a new friend!
Some pictures of my “Dirty Girl” 5K Mud Run. I can’t wait to run it again next year!!
It was a blast. What is your favorite type of run?!

Sliding down the mud comes with consequences:

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