Scenes and Styles from Maine

Being a young parent has its pros and its cons. I would never ever trade it for anything in the world but I will say that sometimes I learn by experience. For instance it wasn’t until 2012 that I realized our family never took vacations, I just forgot that it would make sense to build a family tradition by visiting the same spot every year. So in late 2012, I turned to my husband Dave and told him we were going to Maine. I’m not sure why I chose Maine, maybe because I had a coworker from Maine that would talk it up, maybe it was the idea of the cool ocean or maybe it just sounded like a tranquil-all peaceful- scenic travel location.
I booked us a cabin that same evening and therefore our Maine annual family vacation tradition was born.
When my husband and I were married last year, we chose Portland, Maine as our destination.
This post will be picture heavy and thin on words as I’m still on vacation and want to stay off electronics as much as I can (but obviously I struggle with that, just look at my Instagram account!).
I will leave with you these pictures, non filter, au naturel to show you why I love Maine and when I am back I will write the actual reasons why Maine is one of the beautiful spots I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. 

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