Springtime means lighter, happier looks

To anyone that knows me, it is no secret I live for Spring and Summertime. I tolerate Winter, i really like Fall but nothing compares to the warmer seasons.

The smell in the crisp warm air that May brings, the celebrations of summer, BBQ, the beach, a glowing tan, sandy hair, shorts, drives without the rooftop on, creemes, the lake..my list goes on. 
My romance with my husband started in the Spring. My best moments in life typically fall in the Spring and Summer. Having grown up in the city, summer in New York City cannot be explained through words, it’s an experienced everyone should have at least once in their lifetime.
Getting ready for Spring and Summer calls for new outfits, and I’ve already embraced that!
Clean, fresh new look, simple All American dress from my favorite +Old Navy  and +TOMS sneakers.
Bring it on Spring and Summer.

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