The Joy of Cooking & A Zest of Color

I finally bought The Joy of Cooking Cookbook. This book has been a to buy item in my planner for months but I kept putting it off. I am SO happy I finally picked it up. I can now see why this book is so legendary, it has thousands of quick, easy and delicious recipes for all types of tastes. I’ve been trying one out each evening and thus far they have all been huge hits at home!
When I came home last night and took a look at my outfit and its vibrant, zestful colors I immediately knew I wanted to cook something just as cheerful! I settled on pg 515 and tried out Keema Aloo, a well known Pakistani dish  consisting of beef, potatoes and what seemed like hundreds of spices including my favorite spice: Turmeric.
The recipe turned out delicious, I should have probably taken photos but we were too busy eating it!
I promise it is worth trying and you will not regret this delicious comfort food. More importantly I cannot recommend purchasing The Joy of Cooking if you have not done yet! I am SO happy to try out all these recipes in upcoming Fall and Winter. It is going to be an amazing cold season just imagining the delicious food and dishes we’ll make, colorful outfits and the most helpful of assistants such as my daughter Mackenzie below.
Dress: Old Navy
Sweater: H & M

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