The Little Black Dress: Business Style

Whenever you hear about The Little Black Dress, otherwise known as “LBD”, it is typically associated with post work hours attire. You’d wear them to a cocktail hour, an evening out with your date or even for a night out dancing in town. However, I think it an essential piece of wardrobe for most women to own for day to day functions just as much as you should have one for nightlife. 
I’ve owned this little black dress for years, it was a good find off one of my favorite large department stores Target. I’ve used this dress for about every job interview I’ve had over the last 5 or 6 years and each time it has been a hit. I’ve used for family functions, work meetings, in essence any event where I needed a sure-win outfit and had little to no time to go shopping or find a different outfit. I made sure to buy a dress that was flattering to my waist and could easily be worn with any style of shoes or jewelry. I dress it up or down as much as I want and it has always proven to be a winner option, even after I sigh because I have to wear it once again, it always works out for me.

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