Wedding Dress Designer: Stella York

Stella York wedding dresses are one of my absolute favorite wedding dresses as a wedding planner. It is difficult to find an unattractive wedding dress, personally I think most dresses are beautiful, however there is vast difference between beautiful and breath taking.

I do feel strong that Stella York designs fall under the “breath taking” category. The designs are delicate, incredibly detailed and classic. They blend both very traditional effects with modern alluring silhouettes that bring out every bride’s beauty.

They are not overly powerful designs but have consistency behind their styles time after time.
In fact, I almost wore a Stella York to my wedding last year and while I loved my dress, from time to time I look back on the design and wonder.

If you prefer simple, elegant  and romantic designs that are versatile enough for either an outside or inside wedding I recommend trying on Stella York designs.

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