Work Style Notes: Navy Blue Pants

 Hello! I’m trying to get back to blogging after a long hiatus. In that time, I decided it would probably be helpful if I buy a camera so I can improve the quality of my pictures, obviously right now I wouldn’t say they are the highest of qualities. Work in progress!

I also did some soul searching around the concept of being a fashion blogger and what exact that entails.
When I look at most blogs, the pictures are flawless, the clothes could be off the runway in terms of high worth and while I love and highly admire the blogs, it’s not a reality for myself and it’s likely not a reality for most!

If I can get to the point in my life where everything I shop for is designer then that would be a great deal but for now it is a mixture of some designer, some vintage and some just every day shops. I hope in many ways the blog an be relatable to many.

While I should say I would never give up vintage. There is nothing more exciting to me than searching for treasures in thrift shops, it goes back to my fashion roots when I lived in New York City.
The smell of the shop, the colors popping of the rack, the textures. No better retail therapy than vintage shop therapy.

For today’s look I am showing a simple yet fun signature statement work style. I got these navy blue pants that have 6 buttons on the waist area and I absolutely love it! I’ve worn them with every color and type of top possible.

As they are high waisted pants, I try to pair them up with heels, typically just black pumps.

The top is a soft cotton maroon top and I complemented that with a maroon pashmina and my favorite necklace: pearls!

I love this outfit because it is comfortable, easy to put together and looks great at work or after hours.
I threw my hair up for this style to more intensity to the look and bring out my neck area since I have the necklace and pearls.

Till next time friends!

Pants: Kohl’s
Top: Macys
Scarf: HM

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